Albert Bichot Gevrey Chambertain 2010

Size: 75cl
Vintage: 2010
Colour: Red
From: France
ABV: 13%
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Aged Burgundy is a beautiful thing to behold. Aged Gevrey Chambertain is a jewel within that crown.

A famous appellation from the Cote de Nuits, known as much for its size as for its great wines, Gevrey Chambertain boasts a wide diversity of terroirs. There is no white wine here, only Pinot Noir is cultivated. The vines grow in marl-based soil covered with scree and red silt from the plateau. The gravel contributes to this wine’s elegance and delicacy while the clayey marls, which are rich in shellfish fossils lend body and firmness to the wine. Organic farming techniques ensures the wine has a purity and poise.

This wonderful, beautifully aged Gevrey Chambertain has been matured for 14-16 months in French oak, with around a quarter being in new oak.

Aromas of ripe and dried red and black fruit on the nose with notes of oak and spice. Over the years it has developed more animal notes, like leather and meat coupled with tobacco, truffle and forest floor. Silky, structured, tannic and well-balanced on the palate. The same fruit found on the first nose reappears on the finish. Delicious and a hauntingly good example of aged Pinot Noir.

Albert Bichot Gevrey Chambertain 2010