Aveleda Alvarinho Colheita Selecionada

Size: 75cl
Vintage: 2016
Colour: White
From: Portugal
ABV: 12%
Price: £10.79

Of all of Portugal’s obscure indigenous varieties, Alvarinho is probably the most well-known. Across the Spanish border, in Galicia, it is known as Albarino, a fashionable variety in recent years.

This Alvarinho is from the de-limited Vinho Regional Minho, which shares the same land area as the Vihno Verde region, known for it’s soft and light effervescent wines, aka “Green Wine”. However, as this is a single varietal wine and with a higher a.b.v than Vinho Verde’s average 10% a.b.v, it is classed as Minho.

Alvarinho is a thick skinned variety which makes it ideal for coping with the damp maritime climate of Northern Portugal. The skin helps protect the grape from sea winds and allows the sugars within to fully ripen. In addition, the acidity levels are kept to a naturally high level which often produces wines akin to a Sauvignon Blanc or a Muscadet from the similar climes of the Loire Valley. It makes it an ideal partner to shellfish and seafood, particularly oysters.

Aveleda are a family owned winery with experience dating as far back as 1870. They own vineyards in the Minho, Douro and Bairrada regions, all within the northerly half of the country. They currently have 30 hectares of Alvarinho, of their holdings they only produce white wines. To further aid their specialism in white wines, they enlisted the services of Professor of the University of Bordeaux, Denis Dubourdieu, considered the best white wine authority.

The wine itself was gently pressed, fermented at cool temperatures to retain aromatics and matured for a short period on fine lees in stainless steel. The result is a wine of pure freshness. Citrus peel, passion fruit and minerality a-plenty. A true summer wine!

Aveleda Alvarinho Colheita Selecionada