Malfy Originale G.Q.D.I Gin

Size: 70cl
From: Italy
ABV: 41%
Price: £26.99

It is said that Gin was invented in Italy in the 11th century by monks on the Salerno Coast. They added ginepro (juniper) and other botanicals to the alcohol – and the name ‘Gin’ was born.

G.Q.D.I. stands for Gin di Qualita Distillato. It is a similar official stamp of quality as the wine terms D.O.C.G (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) which is a protected level of quality from a demarcated area.

Malfy is distilled in a stainless steel vacuum still, this is to maintain the fresh aromas of italian juniper and citrus. Alongside coriander seed, there are 5 other secret botanicals used in this original dry style of gin. The water used in production is of a particularly high standard. It is drawn from the highest natural spring in Italy, from the neighbouring Mount Monviso near Turin.

This is a fresh, pure Mediterranean expressive gin. Citrus led and delicately fragrant.

Presented in individual gift box.

Malfy Originale G.Q.D.I Gin