Millaman Limited Reserve Zinfandel

Size: 75cl
Vintage: 2016
Colour: Red
From: Chile
ABV: 14%
Price: £19.00

Zinfandel is the New World name for what is more commonly known as Primitivo in Italy. An ancient variety originating in Croatia, where it is known as Tribidrag or Crljenak Kastelanski. A much easier and less confusing way to remember the grapes’ synonym is ‘Zinfandel Is Primitivo’ or Z.I.P for short!

In the central zone of the Chilean Andes Mountains, inside an area called Sagrada Familia, is located the Peteroa volcano, surrounded by wild landscapes and semi frozen lakes. There, the locals say that they have seen on very rare occasions, flying in the air, a Condor, that in the light of the sunset over the mountains, look like its plumage is of a golden and copper color. The name Millaman comes from the language of the Chilean native people, the Mapuches, and means “Golden Condor”.

José Canepa, an Italian immigrant, bought Hacienda El Condor in Peteroa in 1946, starting his dream of producing the best wines of the Curicó Valley. The Estate has 200 hectares. In 1998, the desire to expand and perpetuate the winemaking tradition with his 3 daughters led to the creation of a new winery based on the Hacienda, giving rise to Viña Millaman.

A pure expression of the terroir, produced from grapes carefully selected and hand-picked. Deep colour and great structure. Matured for 12 months in French oak. The wine is concentrated and fruity with lots of earthy, spicy and herbal notes laden with dark fruits galore. Structured. Complex. Elegant. A delicious wine.