Tio Pepe Fino En Rama

Size: 75cl
Colour: Sweet/Fortified
From: Spain
ABV: 15.1%
Price: £15.95

This fino sherry is from iconic producer, Gonzalez Byass. It is the 8th release of their limited edition unfiltered and unclarified dry sherry, otherwise known as ‘En Rama’. 

This En Rama has been carefully selected from a 4 to 5 year old Solera System of 60 specially selected American oak barrels. All chosen by Cellar Master & Head Winemaker, the legendary, Antonio Flores.

The juice used  here is from 100% Palomino Fino grapes that grow in the Albariza chalk soils, unique to Jerez in Andalucia. For this fino, only the first press free-run juice is used. This ensures a wonderful freshness in the final wine. The grape juice then ferments to around 11-12% a.b.v and is then fortified with grape spirit to achieve an alcoholic strength of 15.5%. You may think that 15.5% is a very specific number, however it is crucial for the wines’ development under a blanket of yeast called Flor. Flor is indigenous yeast , native to Jerez which thrives in the dry conditions of the region. It also, conveniently, helps protect the wine from oxidation. If the alcohol was any higher, the yeast would die. If any lower, the yeast would also die, oddly, because Flor’s food source is alcohol. In all other wines and alcoholic beverages, yeasts need sugar as a food source in order to create alcohol. In the case of Flor, this is a very unique quirk. All in all, sherry is a very unique style of wine.

Antonio describes the En Rama perfectly to be: “Elegant and aromatic on the nose with the characteristic intense yeasty aroma of the Flor, intermingled with the distinctive almond notes typical of Palomino Fino: fresh, complex and intense, salty and expressive, but most of all alive and wild!”