Friday 25th May 2018, between 1pm – 6pm

ZECA Cachaca

The concept of Cachaca terroir has not been explored until now, and in this case comes in the form of 100 year old plantations that grow at a high altitude which results in a spirit that is incredibly focused, clean and delicate. Unlike the vast amount of Cachaca produced in Brazil, ZECA is 100% grown, distilled and matured on the estate, in a resolutely traditional and sustainable method.

The resulting Cachaca is outstandingly good; perfectly balanced with hints of dark wood, spice and exotic floral notes. The sugar cane is protected by indigenous anteaters, which are depicted on the brand’s eye-catching label design.

As well as working incredibly well as the base in a traditional caipirinha cocktail, ZECA can be served with Sicilian lemonade, ginger beer or simply on the rocks.